As one of few attorneys licensed in both Germany and Spain, I am mostly concerned with International/Spanish legal matters. In
order to be able to care for my clients in both countries, in 2002 I created the International/Spanish law office “Bufete Hispano Alemán” in Palma de Mallorca.
From here and from the Münster office, I can help, for example, private individuals with property and company transactions as well as inheritance procedures.
Also, I help with the creation of property holding companies and divorce settlements. I can advise how to use the differences and interfaces between German and Spanish law to advantage and so for example how to avoid a theoretically possible double Inheritance Tax situation. It is possible to form a holding company for e.g.
your Spanish property usually within two days for a cost of 3100 euros.Beyond that I also represent International companies and banks, which operate in or finance import/export with Spain, with their investments or proceedings against debtors. Also amongst my clients I have other Spanish companies doing business in Germany and who need to be legally represented. In addition, I help Spaniards living in Germany with legal problems; for example with divorce cases in their own language.Further, I advise companies, especially mid-sized ones, on matters regarding civil, commercial and contract law, for which simple and practical solutions can nearly always be found. Of course, I also represent companies at court.

Main areas of expertise

  • International/Spanish inheritance laws
  • Spanish real estate legislation
  • Spanish corporate law
  • International/Spanish legal problems
  • International/Spanish commercial law
  • International/Spanish investments
  • International/Spanish divorce
  • International/Spanish estate settlements affected by inheritance and divorce