With the establishment of the “Bufete Hispano Alemán” at the end of 2002, Dr. Manuel Stiff started to focus on International business. Since it specialized since 1993 ever more strongly in International/Spanish legal matters and cared for more and more clients in Spain, it became more important to establish a local presence. The office in Palma de Mallorca it enables us to more effectively meet the needs of our clients in Mallorca. Furthermore, Palma de Mallorca is a good place for meetings in the Balearics, the Canaries and the Spanish mainland.
Thus, the clients can benefit from prompt attention for all our attorneys, whether in Spain or Europe.
Formerly, it was necessary to travel two – to four times a month. Without an office in Mallorca, hotel stays became the norm, confirming the importance of establishing one. Now, meetings can be concluded on the same day, with easy travel connections to the mainland, giving an advantage to all parties concerned.